“I took camp here and it was super fun. They teach you where you turn to go faster, and in the first two days I was there I cut down 5 seconds on my best lap! Great staff, and experienced with the karts and they are very nice!”

Team Costa

“So glad that we found this summer camp! My son has said over and over the last two days that it has been his favorite camp all summer. My only regret is that we did not sign up for more camps. We will definitely be back next summer and hopefully for some Junior League racing!”

Patrick Rose

“I wanted to share with you that the girls…and the boys….LOVED the camp a few weeks back. They can’t stop talking about it!”

Tiffanie Sanford

“He (our son) LOVED camp, I’m so glad we decided to do that. He can’t wait to go back.”

Lisa Knox Rose

“We had an amazing time. I can’t tell you how many smiles I saw, and believe it or not, I think the adults had a better time than the kids! The food was divine. The service, impeccable. Thank you once again for making an incredible memory for us. ”

Audrey Ghia

“My son’s week was incredible….he came out of his shell and we saw his confidence sky rocket. He had so much to tell us each day about what he learned and did. We are huge fans of Rush Hour and happy to shout you guys out. Well done, you’ve got a really good thing going there.”

Amanda Sulyi