Virtual Reality at Morrisville (RTP)

Escape your world in the Triangle’s ONLY Free-Roam Virtual Reality Experience

This is not your grandma’s laser tag. Our virtual reality experience is state-of-the-art —where individuals and teams compete to win in a safe and truly immersive environment.

Gear up with the latest and greatest goggles and handsets out there, choose from one of our interactive games, and then get ready for 3 minutes of exhilarating action in our 20 x 30 free-roam arena.

Recent games include a dance experience called Space Dance, a bow-and-arrow-based zombie shootout, and a free-for-all, free roaming game of tag.

*Please note that Free-Roam Virtual Reality is currently only available at our Morrisville (RTP) location.

Plan Your Visit

  • Play two, three-minute battles for only $10
  • Up to 4 players can compete at one time
  • Play individually or as a team
  • Each game is timed and scored, with a clear winner and team stats