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Group Go Carts RaleighEstablish your organization's winning edge at RushHour Karting, the only adult indoor high-speed go-kart facility in Eastern North Carolina! When we host your next custom corporate or group event, you're guaranteed to win over new clients, successfully launch new products or services or creatively build team morale in ways you've never before experienced!

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Company Outings RaleighWe can accommodate groups from as small as 5 to as large as 200+, with the following amenities:

  • Private Meeting Rooms, with full Audio/Video needs
  • Large restaurant, with extensive catering menu
  • Great selection of Local and Craft Beers and wines, for after-the-racing, ofcourse!
  • BusLuxury Bus that can pick up 32 people


Please call us at (919) 662-9101, to help organize the Perfect Company Outing.

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